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Technical Analysis Training Program in Association with IPEI

Posted at 11 April 2012 | By : Eko Priyanto | Categories : Partner | Dibaca : 4 Kali

IPEI (Ikatan Pialang Efek Indonesia/The Indonesian Stock Brokers Association) will expand it's professional development program for it's members with Training in Technical Analysis through it's association with Berkeley International University. The training will lead onto the BIU Bachelor and Masters Degree programs in Technical Analysis allowing IPEI Members to gain a formal qualification in this field and build upon their professional expertise.

The training program through IPEI will allow Members that are also holding the Indonesian Stock Brokers License (Ijin WPPE) to gain a large number of Academic credits towards completion of the BIU Bachelors or Masters Degree programs thus reducing the time needed to complete the degree program.

The IPEI Technical Analysis training program will begin in August and be available to members in all of its 12 regional branches throughout Indonesia. In Jakarta the training will be held at The Jakarta Stock Exchange (BEI) members of the branches outside Jakarta will be advised on the training location. For urther details of course content and cost please click on the link below or visit the IPEI website


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