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Berkeley International College Franchisor

Franchisee Selection

We want successful franchises to be opened, so to become a franchisee you must understand that the image of the college both physically and professionally must be one of a high-quality educational institution. A franchise becoming highly profitable for the owner, is our ultimate goal but not at the expense building a long lasting business. To build a long lasting business the college must offer high-quality education and training which produces successful graduates from its courses. Word of mouth despite the advances in technology is still the best form of advertising and must be taken advantage of when running a college.

We strongly believe that well trained management, staff, teachers and trainers are the key to this as well as satisfied clients. A satisfied client is one who enjoys their course and experience at the college, benefits through expanding their skills and ultimately profits financially by bettering their chances of success in life. Franchise owners that understand this will be extremely successful when opening a college and we hope will progress and eventually open up a number of colleges with our franchise package.

Only Successful Franchises

To guarantee only successful franchises, the BIC franchisor will check the location, the proposed building, the financial viability of the college as well as the financial capability of the potential franchisee. The location must be one that is suitable for a college and in line with the corporate image of a BIC. The building must be of adequate size to facilitate the minimum number of classrooms and additional rooms needed for a financially successful franchise. If the suggested building is not already up to standard, then it would have to be refurbished and redecorated to bring it up to the standards expected for a Berkeley International College.

The financial viability will be assessed by calculating the student potential within a chosen area and the demographics of the potential clients within the immediate area. The financial capability of a potential franchisee is confirmed by the franchisee proving they have funds or access to funds sufficient to open a successful college. Anyone thinking of taking advantage of this franchise opportunity should take comfort in the fact that we will not allow just any investor to become a part of the Berkeley International College Franchise network. One failed franchise is bad for the image of all franchises that is why unlike other franchised colleges we have standards and will not lower them for the sake of getting the initial franchise fee.

Assured Success Through Ongoing Support

Franchise Support

We only want to have successful franchisees and affiliates so Berkeley International University in conjunction with Overseas International Education Centres support franchisees to the full, as if it was their own business. Our initial franchise fee is kept to a minimum to help new franchisees concentrate on marketing and staff training.

We believe that only through the full support of ourselves, can a franchisee fully realise the potential of the particular region they decide to set up a Berkeley International College in. Our full support is detailed below, but this is by no means a comprehensive breakdown of our ongoing support, but just an outline so that any potential Educational Institution franchisees can compare our product and services to others on the market.

Please read through the outline carefully if comparing it to other franchise's as we truly believe that our package and support is by far the best on the market. A comprehensive breakdown of our technical support will be provided upon our visit and initial consultation with a franchisee.

Staff Training

High quality education, well trained teachers and supportive staff make a successful business in Education. This is why all franchisees must commit themselves to ongoing human resource development. Our staff and teacher training programs are second to none, and provide the franchisee with all the components they need to make a success of the business.

Only when students achieve all they wish for, can an education business grow and achieve success. That's why BIU and OIEC believe in high standards in education to achieve long term profits for the franchisee. Our training programs provide staff with all the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve our goal; A truly global name in education known for high quality education at affordable prices.

Marketing Assistance

BIC and OIEC provide franchisees with a comprehensive technical breakdown of previous marketing campaigns. Joint marketing campaigns within countries are encouraged to keep down costs and achieve the optimum results. On this website we obviously will not give full details of marketing campaigns as only our franchisees and not their competition are given access to the data and often innovative ideas.

Resource and Information Sharing

We have a resource sharing network and keep all Berkeley International College franchisees updated on current trends and theories in education and student development. We have a website planned with the intention of sharing resources and information between franchisees. This website will be secure so passwords and user names for individual franchisees will apply. At the moment this service is restricted to emailing or posting resources and information through OIEC until we set up a secure website.

BIC Conferences

Please contact your Berkeley International College representative for details on the schedule of conferences in your region. If you are interested in hosting a conference then please contact Dr. Tony Ellis.

Planned Website Construction

As mentioned above a website is under construction for the sharing of information and resources. This website will also be a marketing tool and learning centre for all of the students studying at a Berkeley International College . Details will be given upon consultation with potential franchisees. Of course this website will be a secure website with passwords and user names needed to access the site.

Student and Staff Database

Details of this service will be given at the final stage of a franchisee starting a Berkeley International College. A useful resource that puts you ahead of the competition, and keeps marketing and staff wages to a minimum!

Berkeley International College & Berkeley International University

BIU commenced operations in 2000 in California USA as an Open University catering to the international market with join ventures that grew in rapid success in Taiwan , Indonesia , Malaysia , Vietnam and Hong Kong . It also offered A Distance Education package second to none to many students world wide.

BIU's success created a lot of interest and as a result was eventually taken over by a more aggressive management team determined to increase the value and quality of BIU. It then moved its Head Quarters to Delaware and has added to its portfolio, Commercial and English courses under its Banner of Berkeley International College in association with Overseas International Education Centrer - Australia

Berkeley Australia International

BAI was formed to add value to BIU, to enable marketing operations in South East Asia to be acted upon faster and also to enable a closer working relationship with OIEC. Overseas International Education Centres Founded in 1992, O.I.E.C has been providing educational programs at Certificate level to Degree courses, from programs developed by their own offices or in co-operation with Universities and Colleges in Australia , USA and the UK for their clients in Asia.

The need for the Asian region to upgrade their English and Business skills is vital, to enable them to compete in the worldwide market. O.I.E.C. with years of experience in the region is well placed to provide this service, and has co-operations with educational institutions in Indonesia , China , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Singapore and Vietnam.

Recently (June 2007), OIEC has commenced a more direct approach and has commenced its own language colleges in Jakarta (2) and Medan (1), and has plans to open others in Jakarta and also in China during 2009. In addition it has been retained by the East Timor Government to oversee a new education complex there, offering educational sections from Pre-school through to University OIEC

Berkeley International College / OIEC

Core Course Package

English Language Courses

Eng. Lang. Skills for Preschool Levels 1-6 (Ages 4-6)

English for Primary Learners Levels 1-12 (Ages 5-9)

English for Young Teens Levels 1-8 (Ages 9-14)

Academic Eng. For Young Teens Levels 9-14 (Ages 12-14)

General English for Adults Levels 1-12 (Aged 14+)

Business English Levels 3-12 (Adult)

English for the Retail Sector Levels 1-6 (Adult)

Secretarial English Levels 1-16 (Adult)

IELTS preparation courses Levels 4-16 (Age 14+)

TOEIC preparation courses Levels 4-16 (Age 14+)

TOEFL preparation courses Levels 4-16 (Age 14+)

Corporate Training Courses

International Business and Trade (Jnr. Mgt. - Snr Mgt).

Public Relations (Jnr Ass. - Snr Management)

Retail Management Training (Trainee - Senior Management)

Interview Technique Preparation (Job Seekers)

Business Administration (Trainee - Senior Management)

Educational Courses

Certificate III Business Administration - BSB30201

Certificate IV Business - BSB30201 continuance

Certificate Foundation Studies - Australia

Undergraduate Bachelors Degrees - A large number of subjects

Masters Degrees - A large number of Subjects

Doctorates/ PHD's - A large number of Subjects

Distance Learning - Bachelor, Masters and PHD


Study Tours

Student Placement at Australian Secondary Schools

Student Placement at Australian Colleges and Polytechnics

Student Placement at Australian Universities

Student Placement at TAFE (Technical And Further Education) colleges

Work Placement in Australia

Additional Course and Service Packages

English Language Courses

English for IT and Communications Levels 1-16 Adult

English for Nursing Levels 1-12 Adult

English for International Business Levels 6-16 Adult Business People

English for the Hospitality Sector Levels 1-12 Adult

English for Shipping and Freight Levels 4-12 Adult

English for Sales and Marketing Levels 6-16 Adult

English for Report Writing Levels 8-16 Adult

Corporate Training Courses

Hotel and Hospitality Management Training Trainee - Senior Management

Human Resource Development Jnr. Sales Exec. - Snr Management

Flight Attendant Training Job Seeker - Trainee

Sales and Negotiation Jnr. Sales Exec - Snr. Sales Mgr

Public Administration Accounts Clerk - Dpt Manager

Basic IT training Trainee

Fashion Design Trainee

Fashion Modeling Trainee

Make-up Trainee - Senior Artist

Homeopathy Trainee - Licensed Practitioner

Educational Courses

Curricula Pre-School

Curricula all subjects Primary School

Curricula all subjects Secondary School

Curricula all I-G.C.S.E Senior High School

Curricula all A-Level subjects High School / College

TEFLNS (Teaching English as a Foreign Language by Non-native Speakers) - Foundation

TEFLNS (Teaching English as a Foreign Language by Non-native Speakers) - Intermediate

TEFLNS (Teaching English as a Foreign Language by Non-native Speakers) - Advanced

Train the Trainer (Generic Teacher Training) - Foundation

Train the Trainer (Generic Teacher Training) - Intermediate

Train the Trainer (Generic Teacher Training) - Advanced

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