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Berkeley International College Franchise Package

The Berkeley International College Franchise is designed to offer investors optimum profits whilst retaining high standards of education. Only franchisees who wish to build a long lasting business are welcomed to take advantage of this opportunity. The franchise package will only be offered to persons or organizations that demonstrate an understanding of maintaining a good corporate image in order obtain sustainable profits.

The franchise package comes with complete curricula and management support to enable the franchised college to offer a large number of marketable courses. The courses contained in this franchise package have proven successful in a number of countries across Asia and they have been chosen to match the demands of the potential market. The need for the Asian region to improve their skills to compete in the International Business Market has been researched and documented by many experts in the Human Resource field as well as all the Asian Governments themselves.

As all business people know, education is a rapidly expanding business sector across the world and even more so in Asia . There are many reasons behind this growth but the most important one which proves that this expansion is sustainable is the following; the world is shrinking due to globalisation in the business market as the World Wide Web expands and becomes increasingly important in trade, this trend is only set to increase. This modern day phenomenon, is presenting greater market competition and greater opportunities for those who are prepared.

Thirty years ago a degree from a University would guarantee a graduate a start in a fantastic career of their choice. Sadly for graduates twenty years ago becoming computer literate was essential to give them the options they needed. Ten years ago a degree and computer literacy became standard to apply for any job and job seekers with these skills were abundant so employers had many good applicants applying for each job vacancy.

Today sadly for job seekers a degree or diploma from a college or university, being computer literate and also being fluent in English is a minimum standard for any job that has prospects of turning into a career. Many human resource departments are now looking for additional diplomas as well which are directly related to the industry the vacancy relates to. In short, anybody seeking work or wishing to advance their career must be extremely well qualified and trained even to attempt so.

This gives all educational institutions a huge market place, a market place that includes every person physically able to work. Being multi-skilled, well trained and educated is no longer a privilege but has become a necessity for all people wishing to make a success of their life and for everybody that wishes to build a secure and comfortable future for their family.

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